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Clone Care Tips

Posted by Renee Guerrero on

Richards top tips for transitioning your clone to its new home:

With the outdoor light getting more intense with the longer days, these little babes need to be slowly transitioned into full sun. Even a windowsill for a couple days or on a covered deck for a few days will give them the time to adjust to change in temps and light intensity. During this time they should not be re-potted as that will only add stress to them, unless they are really root bound.

Don't over water! (I think this is a big one) Let your plant dry out in the top 1 inch of soil before adding more.

Start very low strength if you want to give them nutrients. Clones can have sensitive, new little roots that can easily fry with nutrients being added.

*Pro tip: Most of these clone vendors are foliar feeding, it is expected they may turn a little yellow on lower leaves during the transition phase. Let them work their own way through this, they will recover and make new healthy growth.

When you do decide it is time to transplant, be careful removing the plant from its little pot. Again, most of these roots are maybe only a couple weeks old and not ready for vigorous handling. (And do not plant into soil that contains slow release fertilizer, but that's just my personal preference)


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