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Emerald Family Farms Cartridges

Emerald Family Farms

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Voted #1 CBD vape pen in Portland, Oregon 2019: High Times cup

Emerald Family Farms has worked hard to formulate a THC free oil that does not crystalize. CBD as a distillate has a crystal formation as if cools. Considering this, the majority of cartridges on the market are heavily cut with other ingredients so ensure the oil does not crystalize in a pen. Their team of PhD's have created an NDT (non-detectable THC) oil that is made solely from hemp which is 90% CBD & zero THC but does not crystalize.

If it is only made from Hemp and is 90+% what are the other ingredients in
it? These Cartridges includes over 120 cannabinoids and 100 terpenes. The testing laboratories in Oregon only test for 11 cannabinoids and 30 terpenes so the remaining % is made up of those untested cannabinoids and terpenes

No diluting additives - PG, MCT or VG  (These additives are not meant to be heated & inhaled)

Emerald Family Farms:

  • True to the plant
  • Vape pen for flower smokers
  • Single strain single source
  • Indigenous knowledge paired with science


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