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Boneyard Elixir (Non-Alcoholic)

Boneyard Elixir

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Boneyard Elixir has released a line of non-alcoholic sparkling CBD beverages that contain only natural ingredients and hemp-derived cannabidiol. These beverages are designed to facilitate a balance between your lifestyle and your wellbeing.

LEMON GINGER - Thirst quenching and cocktail ready. This flavor is lemon forward with some ginger heat to back it up.  Contains 25mg CBD per 12oz. Certificate of Analysis

KING COLA - Hand-crafted cola flavor that is sure to satisfy. Contains 25mg CBD & 50mg of caffeine per 12oz. Certificate of Analysis

PASSION ORANGE - Tropical flavors with an orange blast and subtle balance of earthy turmeric.  Contains 25mg CBD per 12oz. Certificate of Analysis

TROPICAL - Zero Calorie and Zero Sweetener, Lots of tropical flavor and essence of lime. Contains 25mg CBD per 12oz. Certificate of Analysis

GRAPE - Boneyard's take on a classic flavor. Contains 25mg CBD & 50mg of caffeine per 12oz. Certificate of Analysis