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Bio Harmonic Tonic

Happy Tree Microbes

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For robust expression of plant growth and bloom  'Grow like you mean it'

What’s the best way to use bio harmonic tonic?

It’s Easy, Bio Harmonic Tonic can be used with any cultivation platform. Indoor , outdoor, greenhouse, soil, coco, hydroponics and in conjunction with your favorite current nutrients. 

Simply use 3 ML Bio Harmonic Tonic in every gallon of water you use in your grow. From germination, seedling, vegetative state, through flower, all the way to harvest. Using it straight through the grow cycle allows the microbes to colonize the rhizosphere, begin cell to cell communication and accelerate seedling root growth (especially lateral and  fine root hairs).

As plants go into Veg the Tonic will increase nutrient cycling and Nitrogen uptake. In Flower, as the demand for Phosphorous grows,  the Tonic will mobilize previously unavailable sources of Phosphorous and micro nutrients for maximum expression of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Some growers are in love with using as a direct spray on roots when transplanting; use 9 ml per quart. This same concentration also makes a wonderful foliage spray.