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North Spore

North Spore Spray & Grow Mushroom Kits

North Spore Spray & Grow Mushroom Kits

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These kits are reliable producers and tend to yield large flushes of beautiful mushrooms when given adequate humidity. (Weight: 4 lbs each)

Lion's Mane Spray & Grow Kit: Lion's mane is considered both an esteemed edible mushroom and a valuable medicinal. When ripped apart, it has a texture similar to fresh crab meat. You can even substitute it in a crab cake recipe for a delightful vegetarian or vegan take on a classic dish!

Blue Oyster Spray & Grow Kit: Blue oyster mushrooms are velvety, savory, and mild and pair perfectly with just about any recipe! Blue oysters are a staple here at North Spore (going all the way back to when we began as an urban farm.) They're one of the easiest and most reliable kits, too.

Pink Oyster Spray & Grow Kit: Pink oyster mushrooms are tropical and are a great producer in warmer climates (or homes!). But they can tolerate a wide temperature range. Kits produce delicate fronds of flavorful mushrooms that will crisp up in a pan with your favorite olive oil and some sliced garlic.

Golden Oyster Spray & Grow Kit: Jaw-droppingly beautiful, our Golden Oyster mushroom grow kits produce near-fluorescent clusters of flavorful, nutty, and snappy mushrooms. They are versatile, easy to cook, and tolerant of a range of growing temperatures. Did we mention they're delicious too?

Set up tips & tricks

Get your kit ready

After you receive your Spray and Grow Kit and carefully remove the front panel, check to see that the kit inside is intact. Sometimes they're jostled in transit and break apart - but not to worry! Gently press it together and let your kit sit for a few extra days to recoup before opening up the bag. You'll soon see the mycelium, resilient as ever, bouncing back from its trip to your home.

Meet the mycelium

Speaking of mycelium - that fuzzy, white stuff growing on your kit isn't mold! That's the vegetative form of a mushroom, known as mycelium. What that looks like for different species can vary: blue oyster can have yellow orange droplets, pink oyster can have a rosy hue, golden oyster is thick and white, and lion's mane is light and wispy!

Humidity check

If you live in a dry or arid climate, it's a good idea to cover your kit with a humidity tent to help keep moisture levels high. Take a trash bag or other large loose bag and cut lots of ½” holes throughout - mushrooms need fresh air to form correctly! Drape the bag over your block and mist the inside of the bag every day. When you start to see baby mushrooms form (pinning), you can remove the bag and keep misting the block.

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