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The Brothers Apothecary Beverage Blends

The Brothers Apothecary

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Chocodelic Trip

  • Dutch Cocoa meets an adaptogenic blend of 10 synergistic mushrooms in this CBD hot cocoa. Delicious & healthy. Low sugar with over 200mg per bag.
  • Certificate Of Analysis

Blue Moon Milk

  • Carefully blended with freshly pressed coconut milk powder, low-glycemic coconut sugar, our Apothecary Moon Blend (including Jujube, Chamomile & Polygala), and an autumnal inspired blend of five spices.
  • Certificate Of Analysis

Golden Milk

  • Spicy, sweet, and full, The Brothers Golden Milk is crafted with organic coconut, sustainable coconut sugar, turmeric, ginger, fresh ground Vanilla beans, and an array of savory & illuminating spices.
  • Certificate Of Analysis

Mighty Matcha

  • With rich roots in Japanese drinking ceremonies, Matcha is a widely celebrated and loved style of tea. Matcha (meaning “finely powdered tea”) is strictly sourced from young green tea leaves, and The Apothecary exclusively uses the finest Matcha available.
  • Certificate Of Analysis